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Cryptologic News Update
Cryptologic Inc. has announced an exclusive three-year licensing contract to provide both poker and casino software for Holland Casino. Read more

CryptoLogic has launched more than 10 slot games featuring Marvel's larger-than-life characters - including the Hulk, Daredevil, X-Men, Blade and the Punisher - at some of the world's top Internet casinos.
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Cryptologic Renews Contract
as Online Casino Software supplier

Cryptologic, a leading online casino software supplier’s shares rocketed ten percent this week when it was announced that the company had extended a contract with a top online casino. The company’s largest customer, who operates several online casino venues, settled to extend the contract until June 2012. This news was got well by the market, which caused the prices of the shares to therefore rise.

Overseas Internet Gaming Entertainment is the owner and operator of two top online casino spots - Inter Casino and Inter Poker. While the online casino software supplier was celebrating on the one hand over the extended contract, another deal with a different online casino fell through. Ritz Club online casino chosen not to expand its contract with the company, but is not projected to have a key impact on the software supplier’s financials because it was a small deal - less than 2% of Cryptologic’s income.

Online casino software suppliers are the power behind the spots. Their games and software are what makes the online casino venues what they are. The software suppliers must continually update and upgrade their games in order to make them more attractive to their customers - cutting edge technology is what it is all about. With new features and attractive gaming software being pushed onto the online casino spots all the time, the customer wins hands down in this game.

September 20, 2006

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